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NJDA Leadership

NJDA 201​6-2017 OFFICERS

President, Giorgio DiVincenzo, DMD - Jersey City
President-Elect, Mark Vitale, DMD - Edison
Vice President, Alan Rothstein, DDS - Denville
Treasurer, Thomas A. Rossi, DMD - Roseland
Speaker, House of Delegates, Walter I. Chinoy, DMD - Scotch Plains
Secretary, Mitchell Weiner, DMD - Kendall Park
Editor, Harvey S. Nisselson, DDS - Denville
Immediate Past President, Gregory LaMorte, DDS - South Orange
Executive Director, Arthur Meisel, Esq.


Atlantic-Cape May, Alan Chenman, DMD
Bergen, Chetan S. Patil, DDS
Central, Joseph R. Krulewicz, DMD
Essex, Renee Arace, DMD
Hudson, Luciano Ghisalberti, DMD
Mercer, Fred P. Babinowich, DMD
Middlesex, Peter DeSciscio, DMD
Monmouth-Ocean, Elisa Velazquez, DMD
NJ Student Dental, Chelsea F. Rajagopalan
Passaic, Teresa Michaud, DDS
Southern, Paul J. Lawyer, DMD
Tri-County, Melissa Burruezo, DMD
Union, Kevin Corry, DDS


​Annual Session - Renee Arace, DMD

The Council is responsible for the overall coordination of the program of events for the NJDA Annual Session.  It recommends programs of events to the NJDA Board of Trustees and supervises the arrangements for the NJDA Annual Session 

Dental Benefits Programs - Arthur J. Bilenker, DMD

The Council formulates, studies, and recommends policies relating to the planning, administration and financing of dental benefits programs in New Jersey.

Membership - Nicole McGrath, DDS

The Council conducts studies of membership issues and formulates programs to maintaining and increasing the membership.

Nominations - Bryon Roshong, DMD

The Council conducts studies of membership issues and formulates programs to maintaining and increasing the membership.

Public & Governmental Affairs - Elisa Velazquez, DMD

The Council protects and furthers the interests of the public and the dental profession in matters of legislation and regulation. It makes recommendations to the NJDA Board of Trustees on matters of legislation and regulation.

Peer Review - Richard Angowski, DMD

The Council manages and administers the process of Peer Review by upholding the highest standards of professional care and conduct as established by the ADA Principles of Ethics and the NJDA Code of ethics.

Relief - Stephen M. Lashen, DMD

The Council manages and administers the process of providing relief to members who are in financial need due to a catastrophic event.

Judicial - August D. Pellegrini, DDS

The Council considers proposals for amending the NJDA Code of Ethics, and provides advisory opinions regarding the interpretation of the NJDA Code of Ethics, Constitution and Bylaws.


Finance & Investments - Thomas Rossi, DMD

This committee conducts annual reviews of preliminary estimates of income, expenditures and additions to reserve.  It also examines annual budget requests with a view of making specific recommendations to the Board of Trustees.

Rules and Order - Giorgio DiVincenzo, DMD 

This committee recommends rules for governing the organization and procedures of the Board of Trustees, and the rules to nominate chair and members to committees of the Board of Trustees.

Communications - Harvey Nisselson, DDS

This committee makes recommendations to the Board of Trustees regarding the use of the various methods of communicating to the NJDA membership.

Employee Benefits - Alan Rothstein, DDS

This committee reviews and makes recommendations to the Board of Trustees regarding healthcare and other benefits received by NJDA staff.

Strategic Planning - Mark Vitale, DMD

This committee develops strategic plans of the New Jersey Dental Association.

​NJ Disaster Victim Identification Team - Harry Zohn, DMD

This committee develops and routinely reviews criteria for membership on the NJ Disaster Victim Identification Team. It liases with state officials regarding involvement in Mass Disaster Emergency Response as well as developing and implementing training programs for team members.

New Dentists - Thomas Sniscak, DMD

This committee develops and implements membership recruitment and retention strategies targeted at New Jersey Licensed practitioners out of dental school less than 10 years.

Dental Education - Luciano Ghisalberti, DMD

The Council investigates, studies and makes recommendations on all matters relating to dental education and dental health education. It acts as the liaison of the Association with all dental schools and schools in related fields of dental education.

Endorsed Business Associates - Giorgio DiVincenzo, DMD

Reviews current endorsed programs every five years for renewal, and meets with prospective endorsed companies to make recommendations to the Board for endorsement.

NJ Dental Political Action Committee - Charles Perle, DMD 

NJDPAC is the political action committee for dentists in the state of New Jersey. It helps to raise funds to support those who support oral health and the dental profession.

Sponsorship Oversight - Thomas Rossi, DMD

Oversees sponsors and sponsorship protocols for any NJDA event, publication, function or means of NJDA communication.

Building and Grounds - Giorgio DiVincenzo, DMD 

This committee manages the services necessary to keep the NJDA headquarters in operable and presentable condition.

Medicare and Medicaid - Sidney Whitman, DDS

This committee monitors Medicare and Medicaid and gives input to the appropriate NJ state department as required.