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Take advantage of your morning drive with a new bi-weekly half hour podcast designed especially for New Jersey dental residents. We’re talking about the topics you as a resident NEED to know as you transition into the world of Private Practice.

All dentists are welcome to listen to or watch the episodes when they drop on NJDA On Demand. If you are currently a Dental Resident, you'll be eligible for the below benefits. Only Dental Residents are required to sign up to below.

If you listen or watch the episodes, you’ll be prompted to rate your experience at the endRate it like as you would an Uber ride, and we’ll email you the content slides & a digital Panera gift card to cover your lunch! When you submit a rating, you will also receive the opportunity to participate in the Licensure Requirements Series for free! Complete your ratings by September 1st, 2023.

Episode Schedule

May 24th - Associate Contracts
June 7th - Production Wages
June 21st - Planning for Your First Paycheck

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