Program Sponsorships

The New Jersey Dental Association is a CERP provider of clinical, practice management and mandated education programs for member dentists, non-member dentists and dental team staff.  The NJDA has experienced record numbers of program participation in 2022 and we anticipate the same or greater in 2023.

Sponsoring an education program with the NJDA is not only a terrific opportunity to engage with dental professionals but also an opportunity to collaborate with the NJDA to provide valuable resources to dental professionals. 

Current Sponsorship Opportunities are listed below. Click on the drop downs below for program details such as anticipated audience, format, location and sponsorship benefits. Once you’ve identified a program you’d like to sponsor complete and submit the sponsor form and we’ll respond to you within 2 business days.

  • NEW! NJDA's Mentor Mixer
  • NJDA Invades Program
  • Component Briefing Sponsorship (Virtual)

*Integrated Brand Sponsorship

An Integrated Brand Sponsorship is the highest level of engagement the NJDA can offer an industry leader.  The NJDA will develop a resource and/or educational program that provides industry companies a unique engagement partnership with the NJDA.  An IBS is a unique opportunity to target a specific dental audience, deliver messaging across all media and take on a stronger partnership with the association. The creative development of this scale requires a dedicated support team, as well as relevant resources, messaging and the financial commitment to ensure its success.

If interested in a sponsorship opportunity, please fill out the form below.

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We will contact you within 48 hours of submission.

For any questions, please contact the Programs and Business Development department.

Rebekah Rosa
Program/Marketing Assistant

Courtney Skolka
Graphic & Digital Media Creator

Maureen Barlow
Dir. of Programs &  Business Development