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Practice Resumption on May 26, 2020

This afternoon, the Division of Consumer Affairs notified dentists that as of May 26, 2020, and subject to modification based on changing conditions, Dental Board licensees are to defer elective treatment for COVID-19 positive patients, and to postpone any elective surgery or procedure for asymptomatic patients if, in the licensee’s judgment, a postponement will be unlikely to result in an adverse outcome.


In other words, ANY elective surgery or procedure CAN be performed if, in the licensee’s judgment, a postponement will likely result in an adverse outcome.The NJDA recommends that the reason(s) for the judgment to either postpone or perform the elective surgery or procedure be documented in the patient record.

Thomas A. Rossi DMD, NJDA President   
Mitchell L. Weiner DMD, NJDA President-elect