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Every session thousands of new pieces of legislation are introduced in the state Legislature. A multitude of them can affect your practice, your patients and oral health. It’s important to take the time to learn about the issues NJDA is addressing in Trenton. Below please find bills currently in the New Jersey legislature that NJDA is monitoring and lobbying.

2022-2023 Legislative Session

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thumbs up S. 765, sponsored by Senators Nellie Pou and Joe Pennacchio, prohibits carrier from precluding dentist from billing covered person under certain circumstances. VIEW   
NJDA Statement: This legislation, among other things, prohibits dental insurance plans from disallowing the collection of payment for covered dental services when a dentist obtains written informed consent from a patient prior to a procedure being performed.  This consumer-focused legislation gives patients information to make their dental health determinations, and ensures that practitioners will be fairly compensated for the care the patient needs and wants.

thumbs down A.1871, sponsored by Assemblypersons Tom Giblin and Carol Murphy, Adds one dental assistant to membership of New Jersey State Board of Dentistry.  VIEW   
NJDA Statement: The NJDA is opposed to this legislation because the State Board’s goal is to protect the interests of the public by, among other things, adjudicating disciplinary cases against dentists, dental hygienists, and registered dental assistants.  It is not to provide representation to regulated groups.  A keen knowledge of scope and the practice of dentistry is essential to properly protecting the public’s interest.

thumbs up A.175, sponsored by Assemblywomen Linda Carter and Carol Murphy, permits the Department of Corrections and Department of Children and Families to award contracts for medical and dental services to vendors. VIEW  
NJDA Statement: The NJDA supports the State of NJ’s efforts to provide better, more modernized dental care to NJ’s incarcerated and its children in protective services.

thumbs up S.809, sponsored by Senator Joe Pennacchio, establishes the office of State Dental Director and the NJ Oral Health Commission.  
NJDA Statement: The NJDA has long advocated for the establishment of the state dental director.  In 2017, the state brought on a dental director for the first time in a generation.  This legislation would make the position permanent and also establish, for the first time, a NJ Oral Health Commission as a state entity bringing oral health to an elevated level of engagement with state government.

thumbs up A.892, sponsored by Brian Bergen, establishes the volunteer medical professional healthcare act. VIEW 
NJDA Statement: The NJDA supports efforts to protect volunteer physicians and dentists who provide free treatment services.  This bill establishes immunity for these volunteers through a certification program established by the NJ Department of Health.

eye icon A.1449, sponsored by Assemblyperson Yvonne Lopez and Tom Giblin, requires professional and occupational boards in the Division of Consumer Affairs, when determining whether a person is disqualified from certification, registration or licensure because of a prior conviction of a crime, to consider whether the crime directly relates to the profession or occupation regulated by the board. VIEW 
NJDA Statement: As NJ and the rest of the country deal with growing workforce issues legislation like this provides opportunities to grow potential employee pools to assist thousands of NJ dental practices.

eye icon A.1057, sponsored by Gary Schaer and Raj Muhkjeri, establishes “Succeed in New Jersey” student loan reimbursement program for certain New Jersey residents employed in designated fields. VIEW 
NJDA Statement: This is an example of “out-of-the-box” thinking on addressing workforce issues in NJ.  We applaud the sponsors.  This legislation needs to be amended to suit dentistry’s needs, which NJDA intends to do should this legislation begin to advance.