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September 10, 2018

Is your office having an identity crisis? Are we tooth mechanics or medical professionals?

Separate your practice from the tooth mechanics out there and offer comprehensive services to your patients.

One way to set your practice apart from every other is to provide comprehensive services for your patient. In 2018, CDT adopted the D0411 HbA1c – in –office point of service testing.

This quick screening can be beneficial in screening patients for Diabetes. For more information click here

What should you do if your patient tests positive?

You as the health care practitioner should assess how this information affects the patient’s current and future treatment plans. You should inform the patient of the outcome and appropriately recommend that they contact their physician for a definitive diagnosis. One last action would be to determine whether the patient’s dental benefits provides coverage for additional prophylaxis procedures, if indicated.

Not all plans cover this service; however there are some plans and carriers that will be covering this service for reimbursement in the future.

Dr. Joan Monaco will be presenting the following courses at Resource Day this October:
  • Bullet Proofing Your Records
  • Coding Challenges with Dr. Joan
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