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September 24, 2018

Stumped on How to Code for Failed Implants?
1 Possible Scenario

A patient reports with 3 implants placed by another dentist in a different state.  Initial exam reveals all 3 implants are loose.  Medical history shows she is a chronic smoker & uncontrolled diabetic which “may” have contributed to the implant failure.

Treatment plan proposed is to remove the implants and place bone graft material and a membrane.  I plan to use D6100 implant removal by report, but does this code include the bone graft material and the membrane?

In my opinion, the “World according to Joan”, the answer would be NO – this code doesn’t include the bone graft or membrane.  They would be reported separately. Here is how I came to that conclusion:

D6100 implant removal, by report:  This procedure involves the surgical removal of an implant.  Describe procedure.

Since this descriptor language has no mention of graft or membrane….I must find appropriate codes to report the services I will provide in addition to the implant removal.

I consult my handy dandy 2018 CDT book to find…..

D7953 bone replacement graft for ridge preservation – per site is the proper code for the graft material, along with one of the following options to report barrier membrane placement:

D4266 guided tissue regeneration – resorbable barrier, per site


D4267 guided tissue regeneration – non-resorbable barrier, per site (includes membrane removal)

Hope this helps….happy coding!

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