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​Dental News and Notes

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October 8, 2018

Classification of materials: Identifying dental materials is an important part of identifying the most appropriate code for several Categories of Service. (restorative, prosthodontics, fixed)

This summary should act as a guide in assisting you to find the most applicable code to describe the service/material  provided.



 High Nobel Alloys Nobel Metal Content > 60% (gold +platinum group*) and gold  >40%
 Titanium and Titanium Alloys  Titanium >85%
 Nobel Alloys  Nobel Metal Content > 25% (gold + platinum group*)
 Predominantly Base Alloys  Nobel Metal Content < 25% ( gold + platinum group*)


Refers to pressed, fired, polished or milled materials containing predominantly inorganic refractory compounds including porcelains, glasses, ceramics, and glass-ceramics.


Refers to any resin-based composite, including fiber or ceramic reinforced polymer compounds and glass ionomers.

Dr. Joan Monaco will be presenting the following courses at Resource Day this October:
  • Bullet Proofing Your Records
  • Coding Challenges with Dr. Joan
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