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The New Jersey Dental Association is the voice of the dental profession and a strong proponent of oral health in the state. Members are part of a vibrant community of dentists encompassing 12 local dental societies as well as the American Dental Association. Members engage in educational programs, have access to dentist-centric relationships and tools to navigate the business of dentistry and their careers, as well as benefit from dedicated advocacy that protects the interests of the profession. The organization is run by member-dentists with the support of a team of professionals at NJDA Headquarters. NJDA members never practice alone!


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Comparison: CE Requirements For License & DEA Renewals

To help clear up any confusion, we laid the two sets of requirements next to each other.
We've heard from quite a few members with questions regarding continuing education requirements for both state dental license renewal and DEA registration renewal. To help clear up any confusion, we laid the two sets of requirements next to each other. We hope this helps!

Dental License Renewal 
State of New Jersey
Who - All NJ dentists
Deadline - October 31
CE Required - 40 hours including 10 in specific topics
CE timeframe - November 2021- October 2023
Renewal Window - every 2 years
Opioid Courses that fulfil MATE requirements can also be used for license renewal provided they were taken within the 2 year licensure period and meet the requirement needs.

DEA Registration Renewal/MATE Act 
Drug Enforcement Administration (Federal)
Who - controlled substance prescribers (Schedules II, III, IV, and V)
Deadline - varies by individual
CE Required - 8 hours of training on safe controlled substance prescribing
CE timeframe - CE earned up to 5 years prior can be applied
Renewal Window - DEA Registrations must be renewed every 3 years, however the 8 hours of training per the MATE Act only needs to be completed ONCE (your next renewal)
Opioid Courses that fulfil NJ state requirements can also be used for MATE Act/DEA renewal provided they were taken within the 5 year training window and are offered by an approved provider. (click here and view page 6 for list of providers)