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NJDA Member Benefits

E-Money Program
  • Individual ​Access to all ​Financial ​Data Online
  • Cash Flow Analysis -- Allows Client to Plan and get Organized
  • Estate Planning, Retirement Planning, Investment Analysis and Risk Management
  • Allows ​Clients to ​Digitally ​Store ​Socuments with ​Complete Access
  • Updates Data and ​Values in ​Real Time
Qualified Retirement Plan Review
  • Plan Design Comparison -- Maximize Benefit for Owners
  • Focuses on Percentage Owner/Key Doctors Can Shelter
  • Review and Compare Asset Categories, Performance and Costs
  • Access to Universe of Mutual Funds, ETFs & Portfolio Managers
  • Distributions Planning (Loans, QDRO, Hardship, RMD, Death, Disability, Etc.)
Non-Qualified Retirement Plan -- Dental Life Income Plan
  • Roth-Like Features for High Income Participants
  • After-Tax Contributions
  • Tax-Deferred Accumulations and Tax-Free Distributions
  • Allows for the Participation of Key Employees
  • Access to your Money from Day One
  • No Surrender Charges