building for our future campaign

​Leave your legacy!

To renovate and modernize the public space at the headquarters building of the New Jersey Dental Association to accommodate present and future needs of our members and to perpetuate a dynamic image of organized dentistry. 


Current Status:
All dentist members of the Campaign Committee and the NJDA Board of Trustees have agreed to make payments to the Campaign in the form of supplemental dues.  To date, more than 60 individuals have committed in excess of over $400,000.

Frequency of Payment:
To make supplemental dues payments more affordable, they can be spread, with maximum flexibility, over a 5 year period.

Levels of Commitment:
While supplemental dues commitments of $5,000 or more will assist most rapidly in achieving the Association’s financial goal, annual supplemental payments of just $100, $300 or $500 are strongly encouraged due to their significant positive impact. 

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