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Updated May 3, 2023

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Division of Consumer Affairs Issues New Order Regarding Screening and Other Protocols in Office Practices

The New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs issued a modification of administrative order DCA-2021-11. The modified order makes revisions to the COVID-19 screening and other protocols and procedures that had been in effect since May 6, 2021. The order directs healthcare practitioners to stay informed about all applicable guidance issued by the CDC, NJDOH (New Jersey Department of Health), OSHA, and their local health departments and to adjust procedures accordingly.

Therefore, the mask and screening requirements pertaining to office-based healthcare practices, including dental offices, ARE NO LONGER IN effect per the NJ Division of Consumer Affairs but may still apply per your location and governing entities.

The NJDA has updated its COVID-19 Resource and Information page at to include direct links to all pages necessary to keep our members informed. This includes a link to the CDC's "COVID-19 By County" tool that displays community levels and prevention steps by county.

To access the Administrative Order, Click Here


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