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NJDA's Virtual New Dentist Town Hall

Check out the recording for our digital event which featured a member Q & A with newly installed President Dr. Mitchell Weiner, President-elect Dr. Luciano Ghisalberti, along with NJDA Executive Director, Arthur Meisel, and NJDA Director of Governmental & Public Affairs, Jim Schulz.  This program ​was moderated by New Dentist Committee Chair, Dr. Meha Sheth. 

what do i do if
  • My office is closed and I am not working
  • My office is closed but I’m on call for emergencies
  • My employer requests that I treat non-emergencies.
  • I don’t feel safe treating patients.
  • Does Earned Sick Leave apply to associates paid on collections only vs those with an hourly rate vs those who are paid a combination of hourly and collections?
questions asked by associates
  • Do I have to do anything to claim the additional $600/week for unemployment that’s part of the CARES act?
  • How is Earned Sick Leave Calculated When Associates Are Paid on Production or Collections?
  • What are considered emergency and non-emergency procedures?
  • What’s the deal with the waiver of student loan interest that was announced by the Federal Government?
  • More Financial Options