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Delta Dental Dentist Support Program

 Dear Dentist,

Delta Dental of New Jersey, Inc. (DDNJ) and Delta Dental of Connecticut, Inc. (DDCT) are committed to supporting you during the COVID-19 health crisis. To that end, later this month we will be launching our Dentist Support Program, which has two components: The Advance Payment Program and Support for PPE Supplies.

A requirement of the DDNJ and DDCT Dentist Support Program is dentists must be enrolled in EFT (direct deposit).

The Advance Payment Program (APP)
From April 30 through May 15, dentists will be able to apply via our website to receive a no-interest advance on their 2020 claims. To qualify for the APP, dentists must currently be:
  • Licensed, in good standing, and practicing in New Jersey or Connecticut
  • Participating with Delta Dental of New Jersey, Inc. or Delta Dental of Connecticut, Inc. (and must have participated with us in 2019)
  • The Dental Practice Owner
  • Enrolled in EFT (direct deposit)
Your advance payment calculation will be 50% of your average monthly 2019 payments. One payment per TIN will be issued for those who qualify and are approved with a maximum potential advance payment of $25,000 per TIN. Additional details and requirements about the APP and the repayment process will be shared later this month.

Support for PPE Supplies
DDNJ or DDCT will pay participating Delta Dental dentists in New Jersey or Connecticut $10 per patient visit for DDNJ and DDCT members only for a two-month period. Our PPE Program will assist dental offices with increased costs related to N95 masks and other sterilization requirements resulting from the COVID-19 crisis.

These payments will begin when New Jersey and Connecticut lift emergency care restrictions, and dental professionals are once again permitted to provide routine and preventive dentalcare. No repayment is required for this program. More information will be shared on this program later this month as well.

Payments for both components of our Dentist Support Program will only be issued through our EFT process. New Jersey and Connecticut dentists who are not currently enrolled in Delta Dental's EFT must enroll in EFT before being eligible for the Dentist Support Program.

Enroll in EFT
We hope that you, your staff, family, patients, and friends are well and stay healthy as we navigate through this unprecedented time.

If you have any questions, please email us.

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Ronald I. Deblinger, DMD - Board Chair
Dennis G. Wilson - President and CEO
Keith Libou, DMD - Chief Clinical Officer