COVID-19 vaccination resources

Vaccine Resources by County

NOTICE: All of the information below is from either media or county sources. It is NOT from NJDOH. NJDA has no control over, or information regarding, the ability of these sites to furnish the vaccinations they are advertising. We want our members to promptly receive any information we discover that can be of benefit to them.

The administrative staff of dental offices that directly deal with patients should be vaccinated for COVID-19 in Phase 1A. Anyone living, working or being educated in New Jersey that provides care (or is working in person in a practice that is open to the public) is eligible for vaccines.

Vaccination Alerts

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Vaccination Update and Additional Vaccination Resources
The following is updated information of new vaccination sites or registration forms that were not available since our last Alert on December 23rd. We are hoping to provide site and registration information on more NJ regions this week when their operations are in place. 
Two Medical Centers that we have been informed are vaccinating private practitioners and staff who make appointments:
  • Riverside Medical in Secaucus and Lodi. To make appointment call 201-863-3346
Additional Vaccination Resources