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NOTICE: All of the information below is from either media or county sources. It is NOT from NJDOH. NJDA has no control over, or information regarding, the ability of these sites to furnish the vaccinations they are advertising. We want our members to promptly receive any information we discover that can be of benefit to them.

The administrative staff of dental offices that directly deal with patients should be vaccinated for COVID-19 in Phase 1A. Anyone living, working or being educated in New Jersey that provides care (or is working in person in a practice that is open to the public) is eligible for vaccines.

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COVID-19 Vaccine Access in Mercer County

Message from NJDA

          In addition to other previously-designated sites, a series of clinics to vaccinate healthcare workers, including dentists and their staffs, who live or work in Mercer County will operate at rotating locations around Mercer County. There will be two clinics each week with a capacity to administer a total of 500 Moderna vaccines subject to availability. Appointments are required and can be made by contacting your local municipal Mercer County board of health or by registering your practice as described in the below statement by the Health Officer of the Princeton Health Department. The NJDA has been informed that dentists who reside in Mercer County can register the employees in their practice even if the practice is located outside of Mercer County. Upon making contact, an inquiry should be made about the proof, if any, that will be required to confirm eligibility. 

Statement by the Health Officer of the Princeton Health Department

Thank you for your interest in receiving a COVID-19 vaccine.
At this time, individuals falling within the 1A group are eligible for vaccination. Hospitals and long-term care facilities have begun vaccinating their staff and patients.
The state plans to set up six mega sites for vaccine distribution. The two closest sites to Princeton will be in Burlington County at the Moorestown Malland in Middlesex County at the New Jersey Convention and Exposition Center in Edison.Mercer County is planning to set up a vaccination site at Mercer County Community College. 
In the meantime, the Princeton Health Department in conjunction with the Mercer County Health Officers Association began vaccinating first aid and rescue squad workers today. We will continue to work in conjunction with our neighboring health department to distribute the vaccine based on the prioritized groups as defined by the CDC. 
1A Healthcare Professionals [Mid December - end of January]
This group includes workers at Hospitals, Long Term Care Centers, Veteran’s homes, Ambulatory and urgent care clinics, Dialysis centers, Dental offices, Morticians and funeral homes, pharmacies, Psychiatric hospitals, Correctional facilities, prisons, juvenile centers, county jails, and group homes. This priority group also includes Home care workers, Other non-hospital healthcare facilities workers and Public health workers.
If you fall under priority group 1A, we are asking medical practices to sign up as a group to ease the administrative burden on the Health Department. The state is in the process of setting up an online registration system, but in the meantime, we are asking you to contact the health department directly. 
In order to register your practice, please send an e-mail to along with the following information in an EXCEL CHART TEMPLATE (attached). Upcoming clinic dates in Mercer County are scheduled for January 6, January 8, January 11, January 13. Additional dates will be available soon and we will confirm your scheduled dates upon receipt of your listing of staff interested in receiving the vaccine. Also, additional locations will be coming online including many local pharmacies.
Jeffrey C. Grosser, MHS, HO
Health Officer, Monument Hall