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New Pre-Screening Protocol
New Pre-Screening Protocol

The New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs has issued new “Screening questions” that apply to all dental offices. In addition to taking temperatures, the pre-screening process must include, at a minimum, the following questions:
Within the past 24 hours, have you had any of the following symptoms?
(Yes or No)
·        Fever or chills
·        Cough
·        Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
·        Fatigue
·        Muscle or body aches
·        Headaches
·        New Loss of taste or smell
·        Sore Throat
·        Congestion or runny nose
·        Nausea or vomiting
·        Diarrhea
Within the past 14 days, have you had a known exposure to any individual suspected or confirmed to have COVID-19 or who has traveled to a location after which self-quarantine is recommended? (Yes or No) For staff: You may answer “no” if you are a health care worker whose only exposure to individuals with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 has been in a health care setting in which you were wearing appropriate personal protective equipment.