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House of Delegates Passes Workforce & CDT Resolutions

NJDA's Semi-Annual Meeting was highlighted by the passage of two significant resolutions.

North Brunswick, NJ - The NJDA House of Delegates convened on Wednesday, June 7 at the Delta Hotel in Somerset for the body's semi-annual meeting. The meeting was highlighted by the installation of new Officers, addresses by ADA President-Elect Linda Edgar, ADA Fourth District Trustee Frank Graham, and outgoing NJDA President Peter DeSciscio, as well as the passage of two significant resolutions. 

NJDA's Council on Governmental & Public Affairs proposed a resolution to improve the dental workforce. The resolution calls for NJDA to introduce, endorse and support the necessary legislative, regulatory or other policy changes to accelerate, streamline, and improve educational opportunities for dental auxiliary personnel. The resolution outlines steps the organization is directed to take to accomplish these goals. Read the resolution that was passed by the House HERE
NJDA's Council on Dental Benefits put forth a resolution regarding a proposal by the ADA to enhance CDT code.  The resolution states that following feedback from members, the organization should stand in firm opposition to the proposed changes to the CDT Code and that NJDA should formally register its opposition with the leadership at the ADA. Read the resolution that was passed by the House HERE

The HOD consists of representatives from the 12 local dental societies in NJ and is the legislative and governing body of the NJDA. The next meeting of the HOD is scheduled for November 8, 2023.