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FAQs For Parents


How do I sign up my child for GKAS?

You must make an appointment at one of the participating GKAS locations in order for your child to be seen.  Locations are posted on this page approximately two months before the GKAS event, so begin checking here in November, 2018!
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Which location should I call?

Make an appointment at any location that is convenient for you. Remember that appointments fill quickly. Please be sure to keep your appointment!

I have dental insurance and my child sees a dentist regularly. Can I still make an appointment through GKAS?

Give Kids ​A Smile is meant to help children who cannot otherwise afford to see a dentist.  Although participating locations rarely turn anyone away, parents whose children receive regular dental care and/or have insurance are discouraged from using GKAS services.

I can’t get my child to the dentist on February ​2, 2018.  Can I schedule an appointment for another day and time?

Free dental treatment through GKAS is only available on Friday, February 2.  Other agencies provide service year-round based on need.  Please refer to New Jersey's 2016 dental_directory.

Who will see my child on GKAS day?

Depending on the location you select, your child will see one or more of the following volunteers:  a dentist, dental assistant or hygienist.

What will the dentist do?

In most cases the child will receive a dental check-up, followed by a cleaning, fluoride treatment or sealants.  If your child has decayed teeth, the dentist may provide fillings or perform extractions and other treatments as needed.  Not all services are provided at each location. If your child is in pain or you know he or she has a cavity, be sure to mention this when making your appointment.

Will the volunteer treat all my child’s dental problems?

If your child has severe dental problems, it may not be possible for all his treatment to be completed in one visit.  In that case, the dentist may ask you to return another time to complete treatment at no charge. Or, you may be referred to a clinic or agency that will complete treatment. Remember, not all services are provided at each location.  If you know your child has a specific dental problem, mention it when you are making the appointment.

Who manages the GKAS program?

GKAS NJ is a program of the New Jersey Dental Association, working with the American Dental Association. GKAS NJ also works with the NJ Association of Orthodontists to provide referrals for children who need braces. In New Jersey GKAS also is supported by Colgate, Delta Dental of NJ, and Henry Schein Dental.