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New Jersey Dental Political Action Committee (NJDPAC) is one of the most influential political action committees in NJ. It raises money solely from voluntary contributions by NJ dentists, and contributes to candidates who support organized dentistry's agenda.

NJDPAC does not support a political party.  
It supports a profession --  your profession.

Your NJDPAC  contribution provides protection against the influence of attorneys, insurers and others seeking to affect the way you want to practice your profession. NJDPAC builds the relationships between organized dentistry and the politicians who can impact your practice.

Upcoming Events

A Springtime Dining Experience for Female Members of the Dental Profession - May 19, 2022

An Afternoon of Golf - October 19, 2022


ADPAC, the ADA's political action committee, contributes to congressional and other national candidates on behalf of organized dentistry. It, too, is voluntary contribution and acts like NJDPAC on the national level for you.

be a dental leader: contribute to NJDPAC
Annual contributions to NJDPAC are volunt​ary and appear in the NJDA dues bill. There are various contribution levels to NJDPAC, so dentists at any stage of their career can support dentistry's political activity.
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NJDPAC Contribution Levels

Chairman's Table
- $2,000 and above
Governor's Circle - $1,500 - $1,999
Executive Club - $1,000 - $1,499
Platinum Club - $500 - $999
Diamond Club - $350 - $499
Sustaining Member - $150 - $349
Club 250 - Contact Dr. Mark Vitale, NJDPAC Chair,, or Jim Schulz, Executive Director,, for more information on Club 250

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