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When NJDA member-dentists get together- whether it's for business, training, or strictly for fun- you can find photos from the event right here.

HOD & BOT Meeting Banner 11.17.21

BLS Training Banner

Central Leadership Tour Banner

Passaic Leadership Tour Banner

Shredding Days Banner

10.20.21 NJ State ID Team Training Banner

SmileCon Banner

HDA celebration 10.7 banner

Essex Leadership Tour Banner

Hudson Leadership Tour Banner

4th District Caucus Banner

BLS Training Banner

Board of Trustees Banner

2021 Mercer Leadership Tour Banner

New Dentist End of Summer Happy Hour Banner

Tri-County Leadership Tour-9.8.21

Board of Trustees Banner

Senate Republic Golf Outing Banner

Welcome Back Happy Hour Banner

NJHDA Gives back to community in asbury park

President's Luncheon Banner -6.6.2021

2021 Presidential Award Recipients

House of Delegates banner- 6.2.2021

dinner cruise banner- 4.25.2021