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When NJDA member-dentists get together- whether it's for business, training, or strictly for fun- you can find photos from the event right here.

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BOT & ADA Delegation Meetings

Vitale Photos

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Oral Surgery for the General Dentist

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NJ Strong Collaboration

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June 22 HOD

Volpe Clinical Research Center Opening

In order of appearance: Jim Schulz (NJDA Director of Governmental & Public Affairs), Dr. Luciano Ghisalberti (NJDA President), Maureen Barlow (NJDA Director of Programs & Business Development), Dr. Peter DeSciscio (NJDA President-Elect), Noel Walace (Colgate CEO), Pat Verduin (Colgate Chief Technology Officer), Dr. Maria Ryan (Colgate Chief Clinical Officer)

BOD Happy Hour

Zest Day 2

Zest Day 1

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Southern Officer Visitation Banner

D4 Signing Day Banner

Dr. Diaz at ThriveLive

Atlantic Cape May Officer Visitation Banner

2022 ADA Dentist and Student Lobby Day

GKAS 2022

Middlesex Officer Visitation

BLS 2.11.22

Union Officer Visitation

BLS 1.26.22

CON & BOT 1.19.22

Bergen Officer Visitation 1.10.22

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