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State legislation and government regulation can literally change your career and your patients' health with a pen stroke. It is the primary responsibility of NJDA's Department of Governmental and Public Affairs to monitor New Jersey's legislative and executive branches to advance initiatives that benefit you and your patients, while aggressively opposing those that do not.

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For the latest on NJDA’s efforts on the legislative, legal, regulatory, and dental benefits issues affecting dentistry and oral health in New Jersey click below.

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Dentist & Student Lobby Day

ADA Dentist and Student Lobby Day - Homepage
Join thousands of dentists and dental students to advocate for your patients, profession and practice.

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Dental advocacy endeavors start early

Dental students share Lobby Day experiences, urge others to get involved

For those interested in raising awareness on issues important to the dental profession, planting the seeds for advocacy begins early — and there’s no better time to start than during dental school. MORE

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2022 Recap: Dentists, dental students advocate together in Washington

ADA, American Student Dental Association host first in-person Lobby Day since 2019

More than 400 dentists and dental students gathered for the ADA’s and American Student Dental Association’s signature advocacy event. MORE

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NJDA Saves Dentists $10,000 Annually

Legislation is advancing in New Jersey that, if enacted, would have required dental practices in New Jersey to be licensed as an Ambulatory Surgical Center by the NJ Department of Health and subject to those compliance standards, which substantially differ from those required presently by the NJ State Board of Dentistry. If enacted, as initially drafted, New Jersey would be just the second state to require such a taxing law, but the first state with such significant fees and compliance requirements.

Continue reading: NJDA Lobbying Effort Saves Dentists at Least $10,000 Annually

Government Oversight

New Jersey regulates virtually every aspect of your professional life as a dentist practicing in the state. Areas include:

  • Licensure
  • Dental and medical insurance
  • Medicaid
  • Taxation
  • Medical waste
  • X-ray equipment
  • Employee relations
  • OSHA
  • Patient safety

Serving You and Your Profession

The governmental affairs department is dedicated to advocating solely for you and your profession. We have the relationships and skills needed to help you navigate the complex maze of state and federal laws and regulations, including the New Jersey State Board of Dentistry in the state's Department of Consumer Affairs.

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