"The New Jersey Dental Association serves and supports its members and fosters the advancement of quality, ethical oral healthcare for the public."

History of NJDA

NJDA is founded on October 25, 1870

1870 founder photo

Organized on October 25, 1870 as the New Jersey State Dental Society, the NJDA's beginnings go back to the lecture room of the YMCA in Trenton, NJ. Twenty-seven prominent dentists in the state "called" for other dentists to join them in Trenton for a convention with the purpose of forming the society, and to "devise and adopt such other measures as may be deemed essential to our mutual improvement, and for the elevation of our common profession."


The first commercially manufactured foot-treadle dental engine and first electric dental engine receive patents

James B. Morrison received a patent for the first commercially manufactured foot-treadle dental engine. Morrison’s inexpensive, mechanized tool supplies dental burs with enough speed to cut enamel and dentin smoothly and quickly, revolutionizing the practice of dentistry.

George F. Green received a patent for the first electric dental engine, a self-contained motor and handpiece.


Essex Dental Society, the first component society was founded.

NJ Component Map


The first ADA annual session held in NJ was in Asbury Park, NJ.

1895 NJDA meeting

The first issue of the NJ Dental Journal was published

NJ Dental Journal, first issue coverDr. Charles S. Hardy was Editor, Dr. Edward T. Taylor was Advertising Manager and Dr. T.J. McLernon was Secretary-Treasurer.

First annual banquet for the President of NJ Dental Society

NJ Banquet 1913The banquet was held on March 15, 1913 at the Hotel Sterling, Trenton NJ, in honor of Dr. William I. Thompson.


100th Annual Session of the New Jersey State Dental Society

The 100th Annual Session of the New Jersey State Dental Society was held on May 9th- 13th, 1970 at the Shelburne Hotel in Atlantic City, NJ.


NJDA began supporting the New Jersey Special Olympics in October 1997.

1997 Special Olympics winners on podium with medals


The New Student Component was established

1998 NJDA Student Component established

On November 18, 1998, the House of Delegates of the NJDA voted unanimously to revise its bylaws in order to create a new component. The New Student Component was established at UMDNJ (University of Medical and Dentistry of NJ).


NJDA and other oral health organizations joined together to establish a Statewide Oral Health Coalition.

NJ Statewide Oral Health Coalition

Dr. Maxine Feinberg was inducted as NJDA's first female president.

Dr. Maxine Feinberg

NJ is one of the first State Dental Associations to adopt the Give Kids A Smile Program.

Give Kids a Smile! Children's Dental Access ProgramNJ hosted GKAS for the first time on February 21, 2003.


NJDA's House of  Delegates Meeting goes virtual due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

NJDA’s House of Delegates Meeting