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Preparing Patients for the Cost of Dentistry

Cost remains one of the top barriers to treatment acceptance. According to the 2023 Synchrony Dental Lifetime of Care Study, 58% of surveyed consumers expressed that dental care is not affordable. To view a short video on the study, click here.


This perception may be one of the reasons the study found:

  • Only 75% of respondents went to see their general dentist in the past 12 months. Of those who did not, 54% cited "expenses" as the reason.
  • 30% of respondents said they would hold off on dental care if cost was $500 or less.
  • 52% would hold off on dental care if cost was $1,000 or less.
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Providing payment options, especially those with promotional financing, like the CareCredit credit card may help. 58% of study participants indicated they would probably or definitely choose a payment option that provided predictable, set, equal payments. And now it's even easier for patients to learn about and see if they prequalify for the CareCredit credit card (with no impact to their credit score) privately and securely using your Custom Link.

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