Why should I join?

The New Jersey Dental Association is the voice of the profession in New Jersey. We keep members informed, assist with professional development, provide personal and business resources, foster camaraderie, and more.   

The NJDA and ADA are in Trenton and Washington representing the best interests of dentists to lawmakers and regulators. You probably never think about it, but the past successes of our government advocacy efforts impact how you practice every single day. However, the work is never done as there are always non-dentists proposing changes to the way we do our jobs.  As a profession, we are much stronger together than we are individually. Be part of something larger than yourself. It’s the right thing to do.

If you are a practicing dentist, CLICK HERE to complete your membership application. 

If you are currently a member and need to renew,CLICK HERE.

MARCH-MAY:  If you are a D4 student, CLICK HERE to Level Up your membership from Student to Dentist. Your membership is complimentary for the year you graduate as well as the next full year.

What are the benefits of NJDA membership?

The NJDA helps you keep up to date on news, rules and regulations and offers resources to make your practice more efficient. Our PERKS programs bring you discounts and/or VIP service on everything from professional liability insurance, credit card processing, office supplies, and equipment. NJDA provides educational opportunities for dentists and their teams and host numerous networking opportunities around the state. As the voice for all New Jersey dentists, the strength of our organization comes from the number of dentists we represent.

Does membership include discounts?

Yes!  Both the ADA and NJDA have lists of companies that provide discounts and or VIP service for members on the products they need for their practice and career.  Some examples include: 

Tempmee - first booking fee waived
Land's End Business -10% off products and embroidery
UPS - up to 50% various shipping methods
Mercedes Benz-  up to $750 towards a downpayment

ADA Member Advantage


Discounts and offers listed here are subject to change.  Click through for the latest companies and offers.

What's a 'Tripartite'?

“Tripartite” refers to the local, state, and national organizations that comprise "organized dentistry". Because all three levels are connected in a tripartite structure, all members must belong to all three levels. The state level handles the collection of membership dues and then disperses them locally and nationally.

What's a 'component' and which one am I in?

"Component" is another word for the 12 local dental societies that make up NJDA. You are assigned a component based on the address we have on file, but you can change your component by calling us at 732-821-9400 or emailing membership@ njda.org. Some members prefer to belong to the component closest to their office, others choose to be near their home. It's up to you!

Learn more about NJ's Local Dental Societies HERE.

What is a ‘new’ dentist?

A “new” dentist is any licensed dentist in their first 10 years after graduating from Dental School.

How can I meet other new dentists?

Follow the NJDA social media accounts (Facebook, InstagramTwitter), join the New Dentist Facebook group, and make sure we have an email address that you check regularly on file.  We'll send you emails about networking/social events specifically for dentists in their first 10 years of practice.  We typically hold 3-4 in person New Dentist social events plus some new-dentist focused educational programming each year. Attend your local component meetings to meet dentists of all experience levels who are in your area.

How can I get involved?

As an organization run by member-dentists, we are always looking for people that want to get more involved. A good first step is to attend a local component meeting or reach out to one of the leaders on your component webpage. There are opportunities to help out at meetings and events or you could join a committee or a council and work with other reps in your region and from around the state.

Are there community outreach volunteer opportunities?

Yes, check them out right here!

Additional opportunities may be available at your local society.

How much are dues?

Each local society as well as the NJDA and ADA have annual membership dues. Each organization sets their own dues amounts.  Discounts are most commonly offered for dentists in their first years out of school and those that are retired.  

The NJDA dues structure for new dentists is listed below:.


June - December of graduating year = $0 dues*

1st Full Year Out of School = $0 dues*

2nd Full Year Out of School = 75% off regular dues**

3rd Full Year Out of School = 50% off regular dues

4th Full Year Out of School = 25% off regular dues

5th Full Year Out of School = Regular dues

*ADA and locals offer $0 dues as well

** ADA dues are 50% off regular dues

Local ($100-$200), State ($625) and National ($573) "Regular Dues" for a typical dentist in NJ is a combined total of around $1400 per year.

Are my dues tax-deductible?

Dues payments are deductible by members as an ordinary and necessary business expense. However, the portion of the ADA & NJDA dues that funds our lobbying efforts is not tax deductible. The amounts are listed on the back of your invoice. Similarly, contributions to the Political Action Committee are not deductible.

I moved, what do I need to do?

Let the staff at the NJDA know by calling 732-821-9400.  This way we can update your account and reassign you to a new component if you are moving within NJ or get you transferred to your new state if you're leaving us. You should also update your contact info on file with the NJ State Board of Dentistry at https://newjersey.mylicense.com/eGov/Login.aspx

ADA Membership FAQs

View current membership dues information, along with FAQs regarding renewal, relocation, prorated dues, and more.

Membership FAQs