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What is the ADA third party payer concierge?

ADA Third Party Payer Concierge

The ADA Third Party Payer Concierge is here to help members with questions and issues regarding coding, EOBs and more. Submit a question by email or phone (9:30am-6:00pm) and their dental benefits experts will respond to your inquiry within 48 hours.

Phone #: 800-621-8099

Coding question? Email the ADA Coding Specialists.

Dental Benefit Basics

Get an overview of the complexities of Dental Benefits with helpful resources to ensure your practice's success such as:

Coding Corner

The ADA has developed a variety of CDT Codes and educational materials available online for anyone to download and view.
Credentialing Services

Streamline your credentialing by going digital. Enroll in the ADA® Credentialing Service, powered by CAQH ProView®.

Have Your Contract Reviewed Before You Sign It

The ADA’s contract analysis service helps member dentists analyze contract terms for a variety of contract types including dental provider contracts with third-party payers. This service provides members with information about a proposed contract to make it easier to understand its terms. The analysis is not a substitute for legal advice.

To use the service, submit a copy of the unsigned contract and request for analysis to NJDA Public Affairs Coordinator Jeffrey Wood at For legal advice, please learn about our member benefits with Mandelbaum Barrett Attorneys at Law. MORE