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Dennis McHugh

Dennis McHugh

May 21, 2024 @12:30pm

Dental Insurance Trends 2024

Course Description:
In surveys to dentists, dental insurance has been cited as one of the major problems faced by dental practices as almost 264 million people have some type of dental benefit plan. It is incumbent that dental offices are aware of trends in the dental benefits industry and how these trends may affect a typical dental practice. Participants will hear about major trends in the national dental benefits marketplace. Topics to be discussed include trends on enrollment, premiums, network participation, annual maximums and more. In addition, you will hear of recent ADA advocacy efforts and learn where to find valuable dental insurance resources and assistance.

Learning Objectives:
  • Participants will learn of the major trends in the national dental benefits marketplace which includes enrollment, premiums, network participation and plan annual maximums.
  • Participants will be knowledgeable of available ADA resources and will learn how to receive one-on-one assistance from the ADA.