Dr. Sidney Whitman

150th Anniversary Honorees

Dr. Sidney Whitman is being honored by Mercer Dental Society for his Exceptional Performance. Check out NJDA's full list of honorees.

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Please Support NJDA's Endorsed Partner

AmeriTrust is requesting your help in the development of a highly customer-centric online insurance purchasing platform

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Governor Murphy announced that effective May 26th, elective surgical and invasive procedures will be permitted to resume.

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resources for reopening

New Resources Available

NJDA has prepared a list of resources that may assist our members in preparing to re-open your practice

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ADA Hazard Assessment

Assess COVID-19 transmission risks

Member Resource: New hazard assessment guide + checklist to evaluate COVID-19 transmission risks in your practice. Get the guide.

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​Dental News and Notes

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Like you, our business has been upended by the recent health crisis. Best Card is the endorsed credit card processing provider for more than 30 dental associations, including the New Jersey Dental Association and ADA Membership Advantage and 95% of our clients are dental practices. We've seen how dramatically COVID-19 has affected the operations for dental offices and have talked to hundreds of offices that are using the hiatus to analyze their costs.


Reduce your Overhead

There are two big trends in dental credit card processing over the last few years.
  • The average dental office is taking 64.9% more in credit card payments than they did just 10 years ago.
  • ​The average cost of running cards for dental offices has gone up and those costs are mainly from the processors rather than the card brands themselves. The average credit card processor charged dental offices 3.05% on average, based on our comparisons for thousands of dental offices throughout 2019. This was the first time that the average office using another processor was paying more than 3% in our company history.
Do the math on a recent statement: total fees paid ÷ total card sales = your effective rate.  What percentage are you paying? Best Card dental practices average 2.18% effective rate; by switching to Best Card, practices save an average of $3,256 annually (24%) on their processing fees.

Understand your Costs

Unfortunately, credit card processing pricing can be confusing. There are many direct fees that all processors share that come from the major card brands (Visa, Mastercard, etc.) and there are fees paid to the processors for their services.  Many processors inflate profits by adding in hidden fees or surcharges in addition to legitimate fees. Many companies will also frequently raise their rates and fees above what you signed up to pay! A great deal you signed up for even a few months ago may no longer be saving you money.

Find a Trustworthy Processor to Help You Do Both

You can send Best Card a recent statement for a complimentary cost analysis. We'll give you a detailed breakdown of your estimated savings. You can email a recent statement to CompareRates@BestCardTeam.com or fax it to 866-717-7247.
Best Card offers exclusive pricing to NJDA members and unbeatable customer service. We offer a variety of payment options to fit the needs of any office including the ability to accept payments through your website and automatically post payments directly to popular dental software. Call us at 877-739-3952 to see what they can do to help bolster your practice's bottom line.