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​Dental News and Notes

Aribex NOMAD Model Pro 2 GBL Not Approved by FDA

If you have purchased the Airbex NOMAD Model Pro 2 GBL on Ebay or elsewhere, please click here for more information. 
The NJDEP Bureau of X-ray Compliance (Bureau) has become aware of the use of the Aribex NOMAD Pro 2 GBL hand-held  units at New Jersey dental offices which is not approved by the FDA for use on patients.  A representative from Aribex informed the Bureau that this model, the NOMAD Pro2 GBL, is intended for export use only and is NOT approved for use in the United States.  Other models of the Airbex handheld x-ray devices are approved for use in New Jersey.  Vendors are required to provide a notice of the conditions for use in New Jersey at the time of sale.  Anyone found using the Aribex NOMAD Pro 2 GBL hand-held dental unit is subject to enforcement actions and the device will be embargoed. 
If you have any questions regarding this notice please contact the Bureau at:
(609) 984-5634 or ​visit: .